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What are the Benefits of Vinyl Records?

If you are not really in the know about vinyl, you may be amazed to hear that vinyl records are still selling. And they are selling well. Vinyl is so popular that even Sony started producing vinyl again. It has become so popular that there are now websites that will advise those new to the genre on everything from buying equipment to storing records. A notable example of one of those sites is Vinyl Vintage where they have reviews and buying guides and their recommendations.

All of this is great news to those of us who remember it from the first time around. But what about the younger generations? Do they look at vinyl records and don’t see the point? I hope not, but let’s remind ourselves of the benefits of vinyl records.

The Sound

Making vinyl records is an art. Listening to a vinyl record lets you appreciate that art. The listening experience of listening to music on vinyl is like no other. When you listen to vinyl, not only do you hear the song, but you hear all the component parts that make up the song. You hear a greater depth to the music. You also hear the noise of the music being played. You might hear the odd scratch, and the noise of the stylus moving over the record. All of this adds to the whole listening pleasure.


Anyone who remembers original vinyl can’t help but feel nostalgic when listening. Buying a vinyl record was a whole event. Going to the record store with your friends. Either after school or on a Saturday. Flicking through the stacks of records, finding one you liked. Admiring the cover. Then rushing home and putting it on the record player. Turning the volume down when your dad complained it was too loud.

Listening to a vinyl record just brings those memories back.Even the smell of a vinyl record awakens these old feelings. Who doesn’t remember the first vinyl record they bought.

Your Collection

It’s impossible to have 1 vinyl record, or even 5 or 10. Vinyl is loved so much that records become an extensive collection. Vinyl records also retain a lot of their value so you could sell your records for a profit. Not that you would because you love your collection.

The Art

First time around, the album covers were as important as the actual vinyl record. Many album covers became iconic, in their own right. When the album cover ‘Sgt Pepper’ was made, it was the most expensive album cover ever made. It became an art masterpiece. The album ‘Abbey Road’ was released in 1969. To this day, people still recreate the cover on the very same crossing. That cover is so famous but shows neither the band name nor the album name. You can’t get that from a playlist.

Listen to the Whole Record

When you stream music, or listen to a playlist, you can easily skip songs and move onto the next one. It is not easy to do with vinyl so you just listen to the whole album without skipping any songs. This does broaden your musical knowledge and gives you a better appreciation of the whole album, rather than the one track you liked.


Some people love vinyl records for the whole tactile experience you get. It is an event from taking the record out of the cover, to putting the stylus down on the record. You need to take care of a vinyl record. You need to learn how to handle it. You need to clean it, keep it in its sleeve and store it in the cover. However, caring for your vinyl collection is worth the time and little effort that it requires.

For the Generations

A vinyl collection is just that, a collection. Like a collection of anything, it can be handed down in the family. It is great to remember your father listening to records you are now listening to, and then think about handing it down to your children.

Whether you’re a first-timer, or an old timer, listening to a vinyl record is the best way to listen to music. People say that listening to a vinyl record is an experience, and it is. One to be treasured.

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