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Top 4 Instagram Best Practices Experts Haven’t Told You

A visual social network provides a unique opportunity to help you advertise your products or services to people beyond borders. With the rise in e-commerce, you have the perfect opportunity to get more customers and build a customer base that you won’t even believe.

Why Should You Consider Instagram Advertising?

Every advertising platform gives the marketer unique advantages that might help him align with broader campaign goals. As a visual network, Instagram is all about giving you a platform that you can express yourself in a different way. It offers you more inspiration, new strategies and better branding.

With a business that looks to tell the customer new stories each day, Instagram gives you various tools to use for your campaigns. The image-centric nature of the platform makes it perfect for capturing the attention of the consumer in a way that customers are looking for, and in a way that other platforms might not match at all.

So, what should you consider when going into Instagram advertising?

Maintain a Consistent Tone

Make sure the tone you adopt for your ads matches closely with the brand. For instance, make use of the same terminologies in your captions. Having consistency in tone reinforces the experience a user has with your brand, and it also helps your customers to relate to the brand and identify with it easily.

Have a Consistent Presence

Just like a physical store, you need to make sure you offer the customer a consistent presence on the platform. This means you need to give them a sense of your business, what you offer, the location and the opening hours. You can do this by feeding your customers with content regularly and consistently. The flow of content needs to match with your availability.

Don’t post content when you aren’t available to answer questions that the customers will direct to you.

Leverage Instagram Tools

You need to take control of the various tools that Instagram offers to your business. Among these tools is the shopping option that is available to Instagram business accounts. If you are running a personal account, then you need to switch it to a business account so that you can advertise your products and give the buyers a chance to purchase them right off Instagram.

You also need to use the analytic tools that Instagram offers, especially to businesses and brands. Explore each tool to understand what kind of analysis it provides, and what information you get in return before you go ahead to use it.

Using these tools helps you to know what to do and what not to do to grow your Instagram account. Knowing what to do helps you expand your reach. Fred Harrington talks about this aspect of any Instagram advertising process, and the results are all about becoming more visible on the platform.

Aim for Conversion

There is nothing as frustrating as putting in all your efforts only to get a few likes and followers. The aim of Instagram advertising is to get the word out about your products and services. This word is supposed to bear fruits in the form of conversion. Conversion is simply selling more to buyers, or convincing more people to subscribe to a service.

The adverts you put up need to help you get more loyal followers as well. With a tailored campaign on the platform, this is possible.

The Lowdown

Instagram success is all about achieving the goals you set out to achieve. One of the ways to do this is to advertise on the platform. This is imperative if you are selling a product or offering a service to the users.

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