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Tips for Finding a Great Boxing Gym

Boxing could be a dangerous physical activity, so it’s vitally important that your gym and coach is teaching you the right techniques. The following tips can help you find a nice boxing gym.

In general, your boxing gym needs to provide an encouraging environment for you to learn boxing. A real legit gym should be geared toward constant improvement and proper technique. Your coach should be able to customize workouts according to your physical capabilities and teach you certain boxing techniques.

To get started, you should probably find out from your friends and search online for boxing facilities near your area. Check out a number of gyms and speak to a few coaches. Be upfront and honest with them regarding what goals you want to achieve while boxing (e.g. fitness, amateur boxing, professional boxing, or supplementing other skills of martial arts) and tell them about your budget. Many people take up boxing out of passion as the sport is very challenging and many quit for this reason.

What to look for in a good gym

Authentic memorabilia

The simplest way to know if a gym is good is to check for authentic memorabilia placed on the wall. A good gym is usually plastered with autographed photos and newspaper clippings of their current, past, and future boxers winning national and local tournaments. You’ll also spot posters of local boxing shows and upcoming tournaments. The last thing you want to look at is the usual photos of Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. A local gym needs to be proud of its local boxers.

You can meet with the head trainer or owner

Good gyms are ones in which you can meet with the head trainer or owner. You get to assess the man with the principles and the personality of the gym. You should be able to tell if the gym and trainer suits you.

Controlled sparring

Watch some sparring sessions and learn how the coaches teach their boxers. You should see restricted sparring where the boxers are taught to box, rather than fight. Legitimate boxing gyms aren’t secret fight clubs and fighters shouldn’t be allowed to fight one another until one quits. What’s important is to pay attention to the adjustments by trainers.

A busy ring

The ring is arguably the most vital boxing equipment. This is where you learn ways to fight, where you really learn boxing. If the gym has lots of people and no one’s in the ring, this should be a huge red flag. In good gyms, there are always people in ring—you’ll never find it empty. Someone is sparring in there, shadowboxing, or hitting the mitts. People should always be queuing to enter the ring.

Many trainers

Good gyms are always full of coaches. Quite often, the number of trainers may be almost the same as the fighters. Even though some professional boxers have got more than one coach (typically one conditioning coach and one trainer, as well as his brother or father), it’s quite common for many experienced trainers and boxers to hang around good gyms. You don’t want to see only one or two trainers running the show.

If the gym has lots of trainers, chances are it may also have a lot of talent. You’ll never have to worry about getting good because at least there’s somebody putting you on your toes. In a day, you may be corrected by three different coaches ten times.


Seeing a father train his son at the gym you go to is an extremely positive sign. No love compares to a parent’s and a father will usually try to find the best possible gym for their child to train in. When you see a father getting his son ready for competition at your gym, you can bet that he’s probably tried out several other gyms.

Competition fighters

If the gym is not training boxers to compete, it’s likely training them to lose weight. While there is nothing wrong with that, just know that you should find a gym with lots of competing fighters if you’re planning to complete. Check for guys wearing sauna suits. Check for groin protectors wandering about the gym.

Remember, a good gym isn’t necessarily one with the latest equipment, ex-world champions as coaches, or the cleanest environment. It only needs to have a good atmosphere that promotes sound boxing technique and allows you to grow.

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