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Retro-Bit Super RetroTrio Plus Review

If your plan or desire is to get rid of the many boxes in your home, then now could be the time to consider getting a clone console.

In 2014 the Super Retro Trio was released by Retro-Bit and it is an ingenious clone system designed to play Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES and NES cartridges.

It was launched before the Retron 5, and we could say that it was overshadowed with this launch. However Retro-Bit with their zeal to see the concept thrive, decided to equip the system with an HDMI output, which has been linked to higher definition and more crystal clear graphics.

Well, I must say that I am impressed with the output of the game so far.

Talk About The Design

The design of the Super RetroTrio Plus has so much physical characteristics with the Super Retro Trio. The white and black box is made of plastic. It has 3 cartridge slots for the Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES and NES.

Beside the cartridge slots are a reset button and a 4-way sliding switch. The function of the switch is to power the system and then to switch the games from G/MD, SNES to NES. The game is quite bulky anyway.


The Super Retro Trio Plus is quite tough when playing classic games, although it is essential that you ensure that the cartridges are working perfectly.

If it has been a long while that you played the game or maybe you just bought one, it is advisable to swab the cartridge contacts with isopropyl alcohol or cotton swabs.

If what you got is a 3.8mm Gamebit, ensure that the cartridge is opened up so you could confirm if the contacts are cleaned thoroughly and also if the game board components are working perfectly.

Graphics and Gaming

I tried to play some games on the system and I must say the controls are so responsive as well as the animations.

I tried testing with some game of the RetroTrio Plus. On the SG Sonic & Knuckle and Bubsy, for the NES, I played the Blaster Master and for the SNES, Super Mario All Stars. The graphics in all were superb the High Definition was so fascinating.

Flexible and Affordable

With the 720p HDMI upscaler, the game is perfect upgrade of the SuperTrio. This makes the games on NES look so sharp on modern Televisions, although the 16-bit games appear a little bit soft.

The Perfect choice

With its competitive price and the presence of the 2 controllers and its compatibility, the RetroTrio might come as the best choice for any game player at this moment


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