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Making Money on Instagram

What was meant to be a simple photo-sharing app has become a force to reckon with, albeit in just a few years. Since the launch of Instagram Stories in August 2016, the growth of this platform has simply exploded with its user base doubling.

This growth goes to show how well users respond to high-quality visual-driven content. With the growth hitting new heights every year, is a fact that the trend won’t stop any soon.

No matter how you see it, People love Instagram because they can communicate with just a few images. In fact, many people are now opting for Instagram over Google when searching for images.

But few people have failed to take advantage of this platform for monetary gain. So, where should you start?

Reach, Influence

You first need to reach out to an audience that will eventually buy from you. Instagram allows you to forward your message to as many fans as you can. If you can post at the right time, and use the right hashtags the proper way, you can reach more people organically as compared to other social media networks.

Grow Your Audience

You might reach out to an audience, but if the audience is small, you won’t make so much out of it.

You need to grow your audience by getting more followers.

The best way to do this is to come up with relevant and high-quality content that attracts users to your page. However, doing it manually takes time, and might not be the best way for a busy person like you. You can use software to grow your audience. Visit The Small Business Blog to find out more about this and get the best service to give you genuine followers.

Engagement is Key

Making money on Instagram is similar to making money in the real world. You find a market, engage the participants in the market and then convince them to buy your item.

On Instagram, you find a niche market, attract users to your page and engage them to convince them to buy whatever you offer.

What if your followers are cold? You put a post expecting hundreds of comments and only a measly few turn up. This means you are doing everything wrong. Your posts might be irrelevant or you are not unique. Take time to find what drives your audience and give them the content.

Don’t Waste Your Link

Whether you are an established business or you are just starting out, you need to make sure your link works for you. You need to redirect your users to your landing page so that they can see what you offer, and possibly make a purchase.

In Closing

When many people are gathered on a single platform, the possibility of making money is huge. Instagram, apart from being a social platform for sharing your photos, gives you a chance to make money as well. You can do this by growing a targeted audience that knows what you sell and is ready to buy.

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