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Make Your Smile More Beautiful With Invisalign

In order to have a beautiful smile, you should have a perfect denture. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which can help you to have a perfect and beautiful smile. You can choose to undergo various types of cosmetic dental treatments to cover up the flaws of your smile. Cosmetic dental surgeons perform the dental treatments to remove the flaws from your dentures. There are lots of dental treatments like tooth whitening, composite bonding, veneers, dental implants, Invisalign and many more.

Know about Invisalign

Here you will get to know about the Invisalign, which is one of the most popular treatments in the cosmetic dentistry. It is helpful in improving the aesthetics of your smile without using the braces   which hampers your looks. Generally, braces are used to align the teeth in the proper position.  Invisalign is the new trend in braces which is helping the people to align their teeth and remove the flaws in their smile. Invisalign London (Clear Braces) can be easily used for aligning the teeth in a friendly manner.

Invisalign is invisible and no one could recognize that you are wearing it. It is made up of the clear plastic which is used to align your teeth by applying pressure over it.  It is smooth and comfortable than the metallic braces.

Benefits of Invisalign over braces

Traditional braces are the wires which are bounded over the teeth and it is really painful and discomfortable to wear the braces, while the Invisalign are the clear trays which are worn over the denture.

Braces are irremovable while the Invisalign can be removed easily. In braces, there is higher risk that food particles can get stuck in between and it can cause bad breath and tooth decay if you do not brush properly while there is no such kind of problem with the Invisalign. The food particles do not stick to the teeth or aligner tray. Even if it gets, it is quite easy to clean the food particles. When you use braces on your teeth in the beginning, you may have to face discomfort from the wires, brackets and pain in the denture while the Invisalign is painless and does not cause any kind of trouble to the wearer.

Drawback of Invisalign

Invisalign trays are not suited for treating the teeth which are rotated for more than 20 degrees and the teeth with too large spacings. Invisalign is required to be cleaned every time you eat food. Foodies may have to face the difficulty in frequent cleaning of the invisalign.

Making of the Invisalign tray

Generally, these aligners are made by the orthodontist by capturing the X-ray image of the patients. Then 3D image is created for your teeth for precise configuration of the Invisalign tray. With the help of CAD technology the 3D image is created. The Invisalign trays are generally used by the Polyurethane from methylene diphenyl di-isocyanate and 1,6-hexanediol. It is the medical grade plastic with some additives which make it clear, stronger, thinner and flexible. These materials are considered ideal for making invisalign because they are hypo allergic, biologically stable and inert. They also prevent the attack of the oral germs and bacteria to maintain the oral hygiene.

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