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Instagram Post Ideas

For many small and medium business owners, there is no secret to the fact that they need to build a presence on Instagram to get to their social media marketing goals.

After you sign up and set up the profile, you are faced with a huge hurdle: what should you post on Instagram? You realize that after putting up various posts, you still get zero or minimal likes.

You aren’t alone in this, because it is a huge challenge generating a steady stream of useful content for your Instagram account. Furthermore, studies show that you need to at least post more than twice every three days to stay relevant. The good news is that you can approach the posts on Instagram in various ways to make sure you keep the content fresh and your audience engaged.

Today we look at what you can post on this platform with ideas on how to create a schedule that will breathe some life into your Instagram content strategy. Read this blog post to understand various ways to promote your Instagram posts.

Show Your Products

Images and videos that depict your products represent one of the easiest ways to start generating likes on your Instagram account. Make sure you take high-quality images so that you can drive sales and promote the brand on Instagram.

You can feature images that show your products alone or feature them in use along with complementary products. Get creative with these posts so that you get maximum ROI on them.

However, you need to execute the product posts the right way so that you don’t come across as spammy. Make sure they project the right features and use interesting captions instead of just using the name of the product and a few hashtags thrown here and there.

Take Users Behind-the-scenes

Followers love it when you take them behind the scenes. Doing this creates a lot of transparency that makes the user get to know more than just what you post each day. It gives your posts a humane touch and builds trust as well. The good thing is that the images you post in this category don’t have to be so polished as the other images.

Go Live

Live video also represents a good post that can help you build the relationships with the customer fast. It makes everything authentic, and users get to interact with you in real time. The good thing is that the followers will get notified when you go live so that they can start listening in and getting involved.

You can also decide to add the live video to a series on Instagram Stories, which is another way to get additional content with a lot of social proof.

For best results, you need to announce in advance to your audience that you are planning for a live video so that your followers get to know when to tune in. Additionally, have a plan and do enough practice before you go into the recording. Make sure you give your audience at least a few seconds to join by having a preamble before you begin.

Try to be in an area that has good lighting and little or no background noise.

Repost Content from Your Users

User-generated content is one of the best persuasive content you can use, and your followers will love to see it on your account. It shows that you are engaged with your audience to great lengths, and can be a great way to pull in some more followers.

In Closing

Take time to understand your content strategy and how it can work for you. If you are on Instagram for more business, then use these strategies discussed here to allow you to get more likes for your posts.

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