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Instagram Marketing for Night Clubs & Bars

With over 60 million images uploaded on Instagram daily, Instagram is a channel that you can use to let users share pictures of your establishment. And since the platform is more mobile based, it is the best option to engage users when they visit your bar and the only access to the internet is through their mobile phones.

Now that you have signed up for an account on Instagram, what next?

Know What to Upload

As a nightclub, you need to know what photos to upload to capture the interest of the audience. The photos you choose need to be relevant to the establishment.

Top considerations include copies of banners, posters or newsletters that you have come up with. You can also post pictures of patrons that have come to the bar on a certain day (with their permission of course). You can also post images of the DJ, musician, live band, dancers, and bartenders.

If you hold a contest, post images of the winners and their prizes. If you have VIP rooms, give the users a peek into the glamorous ambience that makes up these rooms.

Use the Right Hashtags

When it comes to making sure the content you share is discovered, you need to add in some hashtags. Hashtags act like keywords to make your content get discovered.

If you don’t know what to look for in terms of hashtags, visit the page of a competitor and find out what kind of hashtags are trending. You can pick a few general hashtags from his page and use them on your posts as well. Additionally, come up with hashtags that are specific to your nightclub. Incorporate the name of the club to make it easy for patrons to find you.

Have Contests to Entice the Audience to Share Images of Yoru Nightclub

One of the ways to get more followers and retain the ones you have is to run a contest. The contest should make the audience to share images about the nightclub on Instagram with certain hashtags. This means that a person must visit the bar to take a photo, which in turn translates into more business for your establishment.

The gift can be anything from a gift voucher to a drink or cash. To make the contest more appealing, you can share the photos of previous winners of the contest with their prizes to show that it isn’t a scam at all.


Don’t be so focused on sharing images that you forget to talk to your audience. Instagram is a social media platform, and you need to take it this way at first before anything else. So, get the audience talking by posting questions, asking for suggestions and coming up with engaging posts.

Post a picture and tell the audience to caption it. This starts off a conversation that you can follow and moderate.

Use Re-gramming

Re-gramming is to Instagram as retweeting is to Twitter. Search for images that are tagged at your location and the ones that use your hashtags. Share these images with your followers. This tells the customer that you took time to appreciate his post, and it builds loyalty among the customer.

Use a Bot

Since you won’t have the time to post regularly, you can come up with relevant content and use a bot to schedule the posts. Using bots highlighted on Medium gives you fast Instagram growth like no other. Make sure you choose the right bot to enjoy the benefits.


Use these tips to make sure you have the best Instagram experience not only for you but your customers as well.

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