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Different types of cycles that you can use for commute

Cycles are very important for those people who like to travel around while paying minimum expense and are also very careful about the world. There are all sorts of bicycles that are available in the market. From the mountain bikes to the racing cycles, you can get any of them from the sellers around the world. But before getting one for you, it is pretty important for you to analyze various types of cycles that are used for different purposes to get the best one for yourself.

You can get some vivid details on different types of cycles on Cycling Plaza with detailed analysis and reviews on the same that can be vital in your selection. The most common cycles that are prevalent are the road bikes but apart from that also different varieties of cycles are there. Here are some good and valid points on different types of cycles barring road bikes with a quick look at their features to help you choose the one that you need for your work:

Mountain Bikes:

As the name suggests, these bikes are mostly used for mountain biking and are pretty different from the normal ones or road bikes. Here are some of the features of these bikes which make them suitable for riding in the mountains:

  • These bikes are equipped with certain kind of shock absorber which can minimize the impact which is generally suffered while riding in the mountains.
  • These bikes make use of the straight handle as you need a firm grip in the mountains.
  • These bikes are somewhat heavier than the normal road bikes which make them more durable in the unfriendly conditions in the mountains and you may find it tough to carry if the tire deflates.

Hybrid bike:

As the name suggests, these cycles are convenient for both on-road cycling as well as the mountain biking. Here are some of the features of these hybrid bikes:

  • These bikes are lighter than the normal mountain bikes but are still very heavy when compared with a road bike.
  • These bikes are mostly used for short distance commutation and are avoided when you have to go long distances as it is not that efficient as a normal road bike.
  • It is also not that suitable for the rough mountain edges as these bikes have lower suspension level when compared with a mountain bike.
  • An upgraded version of the hybrid bikes is also available as the performance based hybrid bike is much smoother and efficient when compared to a normal hybrid bikes. It offers you more agility when you are driving on the road that makes it suitable to commute over considerable distances.

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