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Put Wrong Fuel in Car? Here’s What You Should Do

Put Wrong Fuel in Your Car

Motorists put the wrong fuel in their cars all the time. Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated. Still, statistics indicate that drivers in the United Kingdom make the mistake every three and a half minutes. Of course, wrong fuelling is bad. Theoretically, it is like emptying a can of something marked “poison” into your body.

However, you don’t have to panic if screw up. What follows is a rundown of tips to get you sorted if you happen to be part of the statistics.

…But first, how big of a deal is it?

Why is pouring the wrong fuel into your car get you worried? Well, because petrol and diesel interact differently with your auto’s engine and by extension, the entire fuel system.

See, diesel is a lubricant. What this implies is that it travels through the engine before getting burned. On top of that, it helps all moving parts (between the engine firing and fuel tank) do so smoothly.

Petrol, on the other hand, is a solvent.  Unlike diesel, it will not lubricate the parts. In fact, it does quite the opposite. And, that’s the primary reason you have to top up your petrol engine with oil for additional lubrication.

With that in mind, it is easy to see why wrong fuelling can spell disaster for your car. More specifically, petrol will not lubricate your diesel engine. Also, diesel cannot fire your petrol engine because it requires an entirely different combustion temperature.

So, What Should Be your First Response?

How you react a few minutes after you realize what you have done will have a significant impact on how long it will take to solve the mess. So what do you do? Nothing! Yes, leave your car the way it is.

The first thing that you’re likely to do is to panic. Then you’ll ignite the engine and try to drive off. Never do that!

The damage begins to spread as soon as you turn on your car. The pump is moving the fuel through the pipes, all the way from the tank to engine, screwing everything up. But, if you don’t ignite your vehicle, it means that the fuel will remain in the tank. By extension, the damage will be limited to a specific part of your auto instead of the pump and the engine.

 How Can you Fix the Problem?

Start by securing your car. Of course, the next step is to repair it. Here’s a list of ways to deal with the issue. Keep in mind that the idea is to ensure that the fuel gets out of the tank as soon as possible.

Tow and Repair the Car Yourself

You can tackle the problem if you know how to do it. It is essential to mention here that you can only take this route if you have the experience and hands-on knowledge. You want to be sure of what you’re doing not to aggravate things even further.

Tow and Garage Drain

This is an excellent option if you have started your car and the fuel has gone into the engine and pumping system already. The only problem with this option is that it is relatively expensive in comparison to other methods. Also, it might take a while before completion of the process.

Besides, some garages may not have the tools required to assess the damage properly and replace the parts on the spot.

Use a Fuel Recovery Service

This is the best way to handle the situation. There are a host of mobile drain services that can bring special vehicles straight to your car irrespective of your location. These have powerful pumps that attach to the fuel tank. They will suck out the wrong fuel, leaving the tank empty.

The beauty of using a fuel recovery service is that it fast and doesn’t cost as much. Moreover, the fuel lines will get flushed with the correct fuel and a solvent that will dissolve the wrong fuel immediately. Even then, you may have to take your car to a garage to have your filters replaced.

Not every mobile drain company will get the job done though. You’re better off with a reputable, experienced company. That way, you can be sure to have the problem sorted and most importantly get value for your money.

On that note, visit to discover Fuel Doctor and how they can help put your car back on the road if you put wrong fuel.

In Conclusion

There’s every probability that you will put the wrong fuel in your car soon all later.  But, you don’t have to worry about it if happens. You only need to know what to do and where to ask for help.  The info provided above will indeed come in handy.

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Daytime Naps and Massage Could Aid Memory and Learning

Daytime Naps and Massage Could Aid Memory and Learning

Sleeping for 45 to 60 minutes during the day can help improve learning and memory by up to 5 times according to a study published in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.

While this is not the first time napping is being linked with enhanced memory performance, the latest study seeks to reveal exactly how naps affect the brain to trigger this outcome.

Alex Mecklinger, the lead author of the study and his team of researchers, requested 41 participants to take part in the project that led to the new revelations.

Memory and Reading

The researchers revealed 90 single words and an additional 120 unrelated pair of words to the participants and requested that each subject memorizes the words.

According to the researchers, the unrelated pair of words was shown to reduce the likelihood that the participants may remember the words if they used them frequently in their daily engagements.

Mecklinger explains that showing the participants familiar words would have taken away the essence of the research. He adds that by using a strange combination of words such as milk-taxi, the volunteers would be forced to use the particular memory of the related episode in the hippocampus.

The Test

Later on, the participants were subjected to a memory test to see how many words they would recall. Twenty-one participants were then asked to take a nap of up to 3 hours and the rest told to watch a DVD.

Sleep Spindles

The team then studied the brain activity of the sleeping subjects through electroencephalogram (EEG) with a particular emphasis on sleep spindles. Sleep spindles are activities that take place in the hippocampus, the brain’s region that is essential for the consolidation of memory.

Mecklinger and his team say that they suspected that during sleep spindles, certain types of occurrences consolidate in the hippocampus.

After 3 hours of sleep and watching the DVD all the participants were subjected to the same memory test to see how much each group could remember.

The team established that the subjects who napped for about 40 to 60 minutes remembered the word pairs by fivefold compared to their counterparts who watched the DVD.  The researchers further noted the memory of the group that took a nap was as good as it was when they first undertook the test.

The team also says the improved memory recall and learning are directly related to a higher number of sleep spindles in the EEG. It is, therefore, correct to argue that sleep spindles play an essential role in improving memory, the researchers conclude.


On top of that, Mecklinger and his researches claim that massage can help active cells in your brain and by extension, improve your memory as observed in all the participants.

Foot massage, to be specific, triggers an increased flow of blood throughout your body, improving your overall alertness. Sounds interesting, right? Sure. And now, you can view a great collection at Free Your Spine of the best foot massagers on the market. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to leave a hole in your wallet to own one. Nice!

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Instagram Post Ideas

For many small and medium business owners, there is no secret to the fact that they need to build a presence on Instagram to get to their social media marketing goals.

After you sign up and set up the profile, you are faced with a huge hurdle: what should you post on Instagram? You realize that after putting up various posts, you still get zero or minimal likes.

You aren’t alone in this, because it is a huge challenge generating a steady stream of useful content for your Instagram account. Furthermore, studies show that you need to at least post more than twice every three days to stay relevant. The good news is that you can approach the posts on Instagram in various ways to make sure you keep the content fresh and your audience engaged.

Today we look at what you can post on this platform with ideas on how to create a schedule that will breathe some life into your Instagram content strategy. Read this blog post to understand various ways to promote your Instagram posts.

Show Your Products

Images and videos that depict your products represent one of the easiest ways to start generating likes on your Instagram account. Make sure you take high-quality images so that you can drive sales and promote the brand on Instagram.

You can feature images that show your products alone or feature them in use along with complementary products. Get creative with these posts so that you get maximum ROI on them.

However, you need to execute the product posts the right way so that you don’t come across as spammy. Make sure they project the right features and use interesting captions instead of just using the name of the product and a few hashtags thrown here and there.

Take Users Behind-the-scenes

Followers love it when you take them behind the scenes. Doing this creates a lot of transparency that makes the user get to know more than just what you post each day. It gives your posts a humane touch and builds trust as well. The good thing is that the images you post in this category don’t have to be so polished as the other images.

Go Live

Live video also represents a good post that can help you build the relationships with the customer fast. It makes everything authentic, and users get to interact with you in real time. The good thing is that the followers will get notified when you go live so that they can start listening in and getting involved.

You can also decide to add the live video to a series on Instagram Stories, which is another way to get additional content with a lot of social proof.

For best results, you need to announce in advance to your audience that you are planning for a live video so that your followers get to know when to tune in. Additionally, have a plan and do enough practice before you go into the recording. Make sure you give your audience at least a few seconds to join by having a preamble before you begin.

Try to be in an area that has good lighting and little or no background noise.

Repost Content from Your Users

User-generated content is one of the best persuasive content you can use, and your followers will love to see it on your account. It shows that you are engaged with your audience to great lengths, and can be a great way to pull in some more followers.

In Closing

Take time to understand your content strategy and how it can work for you. If you are on Instagram for more business, then use these strategies discussed here to allow you to get more likes for your posts.

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Working Remotely: What You Need to Know

It takes time to run a company, but when you do, it is profitable for you. One of the ways to run your company in the current economic environment is to opt for workers working remotely. This means that you allow your employees to work away from your office. How does this work?

Understand Your Niche

You need to understand the industry you are working in and then look at some of the tasks that can be handled remotely. Each company has different needs, and with the right strategy, you can fulfill these needs without having workers on your premises.

One of the ways to understand this is to look at what your competitors are doing. If they are using workers spread all over the world, then you can also allow your works to do the same.

Have a Strategy

Before you allow your workers to work remotely, you need to have a strategy in place. The strategy needs to tell your workers what they are supposed to do at that time. For instance, you need to delegate the tasks depending on the skills of each worker.

Additionally, you need to come up with deadlines so that you have a specific time when the tasks need to be submitted to the supervisor.

The strategy should have a clear line of communication so that you know who is who in the whole hierarchy.


For a remote work strategy to be successful, you need to have a platform through which your employees can communicate. Many people have been using emails for several years, but this isn’t so successful compared to a collaboration platform.

You need a platform that will allow you to delegate tasks, give out deadlines and even monitor the progress of each task. You can see when the person gets online and when they go offline, and you can call for a conference meeting where you discuss issues as a team.

Having such a platform might seem like a hard task for most companies, but when you work with a professional web design company that has various years of experience behind it, and then it is a no-brainer. All you need to do is to submit the various requirements and spell out what you need, and soon you have your platform up and running.

The Benefits

So, why should you opt for a collaboration platform overuse of emails?

It Is More Robust

With a collaboration platform, you are looking for a way to expand the number of employees without having to create extra emails. All you need is to send them to the registration page, approve their join requests and you are done.

With this platform, you can decide to add as many numbers of people as you wish.

It Is Cost Effective

With more and more companies setting up, the aspect of getting more space in the same office building is becoming a mirage. With tiny spaces, you need to either move to a bigger office (which might fill up soon) or have to build your office far from the city center.

With remote working, you get to save on the need for space. What you need to do in such a scenario is to have a central place that you can receive information from the employees who are working remotely and then submit it to the various departments.

With the reduction in cost comes more profit for the company, because you can divert the saved cash to better aspects of the business.

Easy To Collaborate

Have you ever wished to work on a certain project with the whole team without the need to meet in the same room? This is very possible with a collaborative platform. All you need to do is to set up the platform the right way so that you can invite attendees to the discussion at the tap of a button. The platform allows you to create groups as well as delete them, giving you all you need to collaborate better.

Final Words

When it comes to working remotely, you need to have the right tools and a platform that can help you do it. Take time to understand the needs of the company before you come up with the right platform.

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Instagram Marketing for Night Clubs & Bars

With over 60 million images uploaded on Instagram daily, Instagram is a channel that you can use to let users share pictures of your establishment. And since the platform is more mobile based, it is the best option to engage users when they visit your bar and the only access to the internet is through their mobile phones.

Now that you have signed up for an account on Instagram, what next?

Know What to Upload

As a nightclub, you need to know what photos to upload to capture the interest of the audience. The photos you choose need to be relevant to the establishment.

Top considerations include copies of banners, posters or newsletters that you have come up with. You can also post pictures of patrons that have come to the bar on a certain day (with their permission of course). You can also post images of the DJ, musician, live band, dancers, and bartenders.

If you hold a contest, post images of the winners and their prizes. If you have VIP rooms, give the users a peek into the glamorous ambience that makes up these rooms.

Use the Right Hashtags

When it comes to making sure the content you share is discovered, you need to add in some hashtags. Hashtags act like keywords to make your content get discovered.

If you don’t know what to look for in terms of hashtags, visit the page of a competitor and find out what kind of hashtags are trending. You can pick a few general hashtags from his page and use them on your posts as well. Additionally, come up with hashtags that are specific to your nightclub. Incorporate the name of the club to make it easy for patrons to find you.

Have Contests to Entice the Audience to Share Images of Yoru Nightclub

One of the ways to get more followers and retain the ones you have is to run a contest. The contest should make the audience to share images about the nightclub on Instagram with certain hashtags. This means that a person must visit the bar to take a photo, which in turn translates into more business for your establishment.

The gift can be anything from a gift voucher to a drink or cash. To make the contest more appealing, you can share the photos of previous winners of the contest with their prizes to show that it isn’t a scam at all.


Don’t be so focused on sharing images that you forget to talk to your audience. Instagram is a social media platform, and you need to take it this way at first before anything else. So, get the audience talking by posting questions, asking for suggestions and coming up with engaging posts.

Post a picture and tell the audience to caption it. This starts off a conversation that you can follow and moderate.

Use Re-gramming

Re-gramming is to Instagram as retweeting is to Twitter. Search for images that are tagged at your location and the ones that use your hashtags. Share these images with your followers. This tells the customer that you took time to appreciate his post, and it builds loyalty among the customer.

Use a Bot

Since you won’t have the time to post regularly, you can come up with relevant content and use a bot to schedule the posts. Using bots highlighted on Medium gives you fast Instagram growth like no other. Make sure you choose the right bot to enjoy the benefits.


Use these tips to make sure you have the best Instagram experience not only for you but your customers as well.

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Leadership and The Willingness to Improve One’s Self

“Lead from the front.” It’s a neat sounding phrase. Something people quote before telling anecdotal tales of bad bosses and frustrating drives home. What is it that makes a bad boss so bad and what makes leadership so difficult?

Leadership as viewed by the majority

Leadership, to many, is sitting in a place of comfort while those around them toil. It’s to be a position where they can exert minimal effort while delegating to those of lower rank within their business or whatever entity they function in. While governance over other’s is definitely “leadership”, those under a boss like that will rarely consider them a good leader.

Why people hate their bosses and leadership done right

The reason people don’t champion bosses that live in their offices and issue orders is simple – they lower morale. People don’t like to be told what to do. People especially don’t like to be told what to do by someone they think they work harder than. A good leader knows how to inspire those that work under him or her. You can learn ways to do this at a workshop and seminars for working professionals.

People love to be inspired. Doing this can be difficult, but it’s necessary. An inspired team is a hard-working team. The best way to inspire those under you is to show them how much effort you bring to the workplace. If they know you’re working harder than they are it becomes easy to reconcile your position in the company and it drives them to push harder in efforts to match your success.

Leadership styles

Depending on your personality and where you work, different styles of leadership may be appropriate. If you aren’t the type that likes to dictate a collaborative approach may be better. A good leader also understands the people they’re tasked to lead. Those under you are assets and using them incorrectly does little more than hurt your bottom line.

Knowing the personalities and strengths of your team empower you to put them where they’re most useful. You can get the most out of them and maximize their capabilities. This is not only great for them because they can do more and be a better asset, but fantastic for you because resources and time are limited.

The best leaders not only know the strengths of their employees but how to communicate with them. Communication is everything in leadership, so if you hate speaking to people you’re in for a rough time. Luckily, you can improve over time and your team will take notice, improving with you.

Finding your leadership style and getting things done

No one wants to be hated, but no one wants to be useless either. Leadership is difficult. If being a boss was easy, everyone would do it. The mark of a great leader isn’t their individual accolades or salary, however. It’s how well their business is doing and whether or not the employees want to be there.

Google employees don’t quit very often. Why do you think that is? These are individuals that could likely go off on their own or work for any other tech giant, but they stay with Google. This isn’t a mere coincidence. These people love their job.

Their business is successful and their pay is good, but they extend their contracts because leadership has empowered them to be at their best while enjoying work. That is no small task. All leaders and bosses should look to replicate that. Here’s to hoping you do too.

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The Value of a Business Degree

The Value of a Business Degree

It’s no secret that many people aim to land a position at a top company as an adult. It’s also common knowledge that an undergraduate degree in business can help individuals reach that goal with less difficulty. What isn’t as well known are the specific advantages of that degree and that it isn’t too late for people who’ve skipped university to obtain a degree.

A degree with built-in value

While there are a great many areas of study, business has consistently been one of worth to those looking to join the workforce immediately after graduation. Graduates of top universities can earn well over what their peers would starting out. If you’re already in the workforce, using your evenings to earn a part-time business degree can put open the doors to a higher salary.

A business degree may seem general but due to that generality it can give an individual an advantage over those will less general degree if they don’t correlate directly to where they work.

A degree in business, once combined with on the job experience, can enable you to climb the corporate ladder at a faster rate than your peers. If you’re looking to get an undergraduate degree in business, consider it an investment in your educational and financial future.

What investment in a business degree means

For many, is the price of higher education is a major concern. A student’s loans can be detrimental to future finances. Paying back these loans has even been a struggle for some.

When considering those that have difficulty after graduation, there are factors to consider. When thinking about their situation, ask yourself these questions: what was their degree in, did that degree correlate to the industry they chose to work in and does their chosen industry pay well?

While a degree in *insert obscure field* studies can be absolutely respectable, it doesn’t necessarily open up many opportunities in the workforce. A lack of jobs that involve that major may lead to an individual taking a place in an industry outside of their specialty. This can lead to them not being valued as much as they would be otherwise. This, in turn, leads to lower pay and difficulty paying off their student debt.

A degree in business is applicable on multiple levels in multiple career fields. That applicability can increase your value regardless of your role in a company. A business degree’s value can directly translate to a greater salary and that means your debt can be paid off quickly. In this way, an undergraduate degree in business is a fantastic investment and can easily pay for itself.

Opportunity for higher education

After you’d obtained your undergraduate you don’t have to stop there. If you enjoy studying you may even want to pursue a graduate degree. If you’ve chosen the right business, they may even be willing to pay some or all of your education cost. Programs like those exist to make you a greater asset, so you should take advantage if possible. A graduate degree in business can become your first step to a brighter future.

Never too late

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to continue your education speak to a professional. If you’re willing to make the sacrifices, it’s possible for you. Part-time programs exist and chances are the company you work for will support you. If not, you may not need them in the first place. It’s never too late to ork towards a better you.

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Bring Beauty to Singapore

Bring Beauty to Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s leading global financial centers. With a rich cultural tradition, a tropical climate, and a population of almost six million, Singapore is a thriving city-state that continues to grow. The landscape all around the island is filled with bucolic scenes of nature and awe-inspiring landmarks, testaments to the beauty humans can bring to this world. With such a wealth of beautiful sights all over the island, it’s no wonder so many residents of the Lion City grow up wanting to contribute even more beauty to the world.

At their core, most people truly want to help others. More youths than ever are turning towards altruism and humanitarianism, but what if you really just want to help the world be more beautiful? Have you considered cosmetology and beautician training?

Every day, countless people wake up, look in the mirror, and don’t feel good enough. Every day people are going out to spend money to feel better about themselves. We’re exposed to more advertising on a daily basis than we’ve ever been before, and people are feeling the effects. Body image issues, eating disorders, anxiety and depression. it’s more likely than not that you personally know someone who has gone through one or more of these things.

What if I told you you could be a part of the system that is working to make everyone feel beautiful again? If you’re looking for a direction in your life, or searching for something you can do with your intelligence and abilities, why not try taking a beautician course in Singapore?

Imelda Unisex Hair Styling & Beauty Training School is a training academy that can help to develop your talents. You can work professionally in collaboration with highly acclaimed institutions in Singapore and the United Kingdom. At Imelda you can take professionally approved ITEC courses that will help you build your skills and knowledge to make your own mark in the beauty industry. Imelda focuses on innovation and collaboration, meaning you’ll be working in an environment built for success in the industry today, as opposed to programs that still teach you to succeed in the industry as it was ten, even twenty years ago.

Even if you’re not a Singapore native, joining Imelda can still be an amazing experience and any reason to move to Singapore is a good one. A large portion of Singapore’s population and economy are foreign immigrants. It’s part of what makes the culture here so welcoming, varied, and wonderful. Economically, Singapore is ahead of the game. 90% of permanent residents and citizens own their own homes. Also, the government and culture both place a heavy emphasis on meritocracy. If you can prove yourself in your abilities, you will have success and your efforts will be rewarded. Theres a place for anyone in Singapore.

So why wait? You can keep working a nine-to-five job and sweating through your days worrying about money. You can keep laboring away doing things you have no passion for, things that benefit corporations and stockholders. You can continue hoping that someday something will come along and inspire you. Or you can inspire yourself. You can make a change today. You can start helping others see the beauty in themselves that you see already. You can start making money doing something that you love, something that fulfills you. You can start working for smiles and joy, instead of numbers on a paycheck. There are almost six million people living in Singapore, and that’s six million people you could help to feel as beautiful as the Miss Joaquin Orchid. Start today!

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